About Us

The Horizontal Myth is a trio of writers, all alumni of Ithaca College, who share a passion for film, television, games, sports, and music. We’re dedicated to providing new content every day and giving you a bookmark to rely on.

Andrew Stone is a writer and a student of the mind, currently employed at Best Buy, whose holiday return policy is extended until January 24. Self-described as the First Agrarian Diplomat, whatever that means, he once told a kid in grade school that his parents didn’t love him until the kid cried. His interests include hustling, tumbling, the long con, the bait and switch, dice games, the antithesis to mythology, and women.

Bryan Seitz has been called the Machiavelli of post-modern American horror fiction. Riding in on a wave of catharsis, he arrives at the blog after a year of “figuring it out.” He once wrote a review of the film Madea Goes to Jail that essentially endorsed the concept of slavery, and was called “so pretentious” and “so brilliant” that it “honestly almost work[ed], seriously.” His interests include vaudeville, the Charleston, wild times, certain games, and popcorn that is only lightly burnt.

Giovanni Colantonio is a bi-androgynous alternative to the works of Faust. A pillar of the alternative rock band Splinter Shell, he refuses to believes that certain things are alive, such as trees and select animals. His passions in life include Tim Burton remakes, defending Tim Burton remakes, admitting that the originals were in fact superior after the fact, and questioning Tim Burton’s methods, in that order.


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